Erotica Give Away Winners Announced!


And the winners are:

Best Sex Writing 2009

  • Danielle from Minneapolis, MN
  • Nicole from San Antonio, TX
  • Pamela from Mission Viejo, CA
  • Alyssa from Rochester, NY
  • Tom from Chicago, IL

Best Sex Writing 2009

  • Jordan from Boulder, CO
  • Molly from Washington, DC
  • Lisa from Norwalk, CT
  • Robert from Oakland, CA
  • Brent from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Congratulations WINNERS!

And thanks to everyone who participated.  Watch for other give always in coming months.


2 Replies to “Erotica Give Away Winners Announced!”

  1. Hi,

    i just received my copy today and im thoroughly impressed. Im a huge fan of rachel kramer bussel (found the contest thru her twitter) and months ago watched the video of tracie egan reading her entry for the In the Flesh reading series. at the moment im learning more than i ever though i would about sex dolls. thanks so much!

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