The Erotic Mind of Donna George Storey — Podcast #91 — 12/08/08


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Hey sex fans,

Those of you who are familiar with my podcasts will know something is very different today.  I’ve set aside my usual rousing intro music in favor of some soothing and sensual donnaofficial.jpgtraditional Japanese music.  What’s up with that, Dr Dick?  You might be asking yourself.  Well I’ll tell you.  I’m setting the mood for today amazing guest.

As you know, we’ve been chatting with noted erotic artists from all over the globe in this series of interviews that I’m calling: The Erotic Mind.   We’re looking to uncover something of the creative process involved with this specialized art form.amorouswoman.jpg

Today I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to a critically acclaimed artist who creates her erotic art using the medium of words.  I am honored to have with me — Donna George Storey. You can find Donna’s blog HERE!

Donna is a prolific author.  Her short stories are featured in all the best anthologies of Erotica.  Her debut novel, Amorous Woman, take the reader on an erotic journey through Japan.  Donna lushly describes the sensual delights of an American woman as she immerses herself in her surroundings. The novel sizzles with the sexual exploits of her young heroine, as you soon will find out.  Because Donna opens her Erotic Mind and also reads from her work.  She treats us to a very explicit and oh so delectable morsel from her celebrated novel.  Believe me sex fans; this is not to be missed!

Donna and I discuss:

  • Why she writes under her real name.
  • Her very successful career and how it began.
  • Coming out to family and friends.
  • The allure of multi-cultural erotica.
  • The power of words and euphemisms.

And as promised, Donna serves up a juicy selection of her own erotica.


(click on the thumbnails to get more information about these volumes)


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