Sex EDGE-U-cation with Charlie Glickman — Podcast #116 — 04/22/09


Hey sex fans,

Today, I have yet another installment in my series of interviews called Sex EDGE-U-cation.   As you know, this series takes a look at the world of fetish sex, kink and cglickmansmalternative lifestyles. We are chatting with prominent educators, practitioners and advocates of unconventional sexual expressions and lifestyles from all over the world.

And speaking of educators, today my guest is the renowned sex instructor, Dr. Charlie Glickman.

Charlie is the Education Program Manager at Good Vibrations.  He runs their in-store After Hours Workshop Program, their Off-Site Sex Education Program and trains their Sex Educator-Sales Associates.  He also has his very own Blog, don’t cha know.  Be sure to check out all the above links; I know you’ll be impressed.

Charlie and I discuss:

  • The contextual pieces of sex education.
  • Alternative sexuality v. what is “normal”.
  • The learning edge.
  • Kink coming out of the cultural closet.
  • How to own, integrate and then share your kink with others.


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The Erotic Mind of Dale Lazarov — Podcast #115 — 04/20/09

Hey sex fans,

Today, I have yet another installment in my series of interviews called The Erotic Mind.  My guest is Dale Lazarov.  He chats with us in conjunction with his upcoming appearance at the internationally renowned Seattle Erotic Art’s Festival.


Dale is an erotic author and editor who works with an array of very talented graphic artists.  Together they produce an acclaimed line of gay oriented sexually explicit comics. Their collaborations, published by the distinguished German publisher, Bruno Gmuender, result in a celebration of joyful and playful lust. In fact, the comics are so well done; they convey their storyline without using any words.  No mean feat that, I can tell ya!

222351 260309_aa

(click on the thumbnails to get more information about these volumes)

If you are like me, and love smart, sexy erotic art with a wry sense of humor, be sure to check out Dale and his collaborator’s work on their publisher’s site HERE!

Dale and I discuss:

  • The workshop he will be leading at Seattle Erotic Art’s Festival.
  • What his role as writer/editor entails, and how he works with his illustrators.
  • How he imbues his sexy creations with a sense of the playful.
  • The basic rules of the comic narrative.
  • The beauty of wordless comics.

See a slideshow of some of Amy Colburn’s charming images.  Click on the thumbnails below.

[nggallery id=9]

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Porn Teaches Kids That Sex Is Fun!

Max, Part 2 — Podcast #114 — 04/15/09

Hey sex fans,

We’re back with my guest, Max, the Seattle-based bondage artist, educator and Dom.  This is Part 2 our chat in this podcast series called Sex EDGE-U-cation.   As you know, max-picthis series is all about the world of fetish sex, kink and alternative sexual lifestyles.

Max and I will be exploring all sorts of interesting topics; not least among them is his polyamorous life with Mistress Matisse and the oh so charming Lorelei.

If you somehow missed Part 1 of our conversation, look for last week’s podcast, #113 on the PODCAST PAGE at the top of this page.  Or simply use the site’s search function.  Type in podcast #113; don’t forget to include the # sign.

Just a quick aside…as most of you know I was one of the many presenters at the Seattle Fetish & Fantasy Festival this past weekend.  When I wasn’t teaching I had an opportunity to sit in on a couple of the other fine workshops offered by some of the Northwest’s most illustrious kink educators.  And I’m here to tell you, as delightful and informative and Max is in this podcast conversation, this medium does not compare to Max in front of a live audience with a length of rope in one hand and beautiful Lorelei in the other.  They are phenomenal together, and not to be missed.

Max and I discuss:

  • The role of endorphins and adrenaline in power play.
  • BDSM as both recreation and catharsis.
  • Polyamory, a working definition.
  • Poly-fidelity and cohabitation.
  • Developing a vocabulary for discussing poly structures.
  • Managing a poly relationship — jealousy and compersion.

Be sure to visit Max at his website HERE!

See a slideshow of some of Max’s work.  Click on the thumbnails below.

[nggallery id=8]

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We’ll all be on Spring Break till Wednesday 04/15/09.


Actually, my break will include a multitude of workshops at the Seattle Fetish & Fantasy Festival, which starts today.  I guess there’s no rest for the wicked.



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