Sex EDGE-U-cation with Bruno Bond — Podcast #240 – 10/20/10


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Hey sex fans,

I have another ridiculously wonderful program for you today. And it’s one of them twofer shows, don’t cha know. My guest, our conversation and the themes discussed in this podcast easily falls into both the Sex EDGE-U-cation and the SEX WISDOM series; so yay for that. I mean, who doesn’t like to get two bangs for his buck?

I have the honor of welcoming a man of distinction in the world of gay porn. He is a top-tier performer, a director, a producer, a videographer, an art director as well as being an exceptionally nice person. I have with me, the oh so talented, Bruno Bond.

Bruno is one of the hardest working men in porn today. Besides being a mainstay at Raging Stallion Studios, he and his husband, Steve Cruz, have their own production company, Hard Friction.  Stay tuned, sex fans, because we about to find out how this mere mortal is able to do the superhuman.

Bruno and I discuss:

Bruno invites you to visit him on his personal website HERE! And at his XXX membership site HERE!

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of Bruno and his friends at work and play.


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