John Woods & Cass King Return – Podcast #214 – 06/28/10


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Hey sex fans,

We’re back at the Theater Off Jackson, here in Seattle, with John Woods & Cass King, the charming and oh so talented duo known as The Wet Spots. They are in town to produce their musical stage production called SHINE: A Burlesque Musical, which will run from July 8th through the 18th. We interrupt their rigorous rehearsals for more conversation for this The Erotic Mind podcast series.

I heard so many wonderful comments about last week’s show, especially the part where John & Cass shared one of their brand new songs, written expressly for the show. This week I prevail upon them to treat us to more and they comply with two new songs. It’s time for some spicy razzle-dazzle!

But wait; did you happen to miss Part 1 of this conversation that appeared here last week at this time? Well not to worry if ya did, because you can find it and all my podcasts in my Podcast Archive. All ya gotta do is use the search function in the sidebar to your right; type in Podcast #213 and PRESTO! But don’t forget the #sign when you do your search.

John & Cass and I discuss:

  • The gargantuan effort involved in producing a live show.
  • SHINE’s cast of 14
  • Pop burlesque and traditional burlesque styles.
  • The resurgence of classical burlesque — funny, sexy and subversive.
  • The differences between striptease and burlesque.
  • Boylesque and the gender divide.
  • The show’s director, Roger Benington.
  • Preversions of yesteryear.
  • The power of language.
  • Taking it to NYC

Click on the poster below to purchase your tickets.

John & Cass invite you to visit the SHINE: A Burlesque Musical website HERE! Or the Wet Spots website HERE! They’re on Facebook too, HERE and HERE!


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