The Erotic Mind of Benoît Prévot — Podcast #109 — 03/23/09


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Hey sex fans,

Today, I have yet another installment in my series of interviews called The Erotic Mind.  You’ll notice right away that there’s a distinctly international flair to this week’s podcast.  Why?  Because I have the good fortune of introducing you to an up and coming erotic artist, who joins us from his home in Paris, France, don’t cha know.  His name is Benoît Pré

This all started some weeks ago when I was aimlessly poking around some of my favorite websites.  One site in particular, the beautiful and thoughtful Fairview (A site, I might add, that is a work of art all on its own.) is the loving creation of a fellow blogger, Sue.  It was on her handsome site that I first encountered this Parisian wonder.  When I happen upon Ben’s comic illustrations I knew for certain that I had to chat with him for this series.

If you are like me, and love smart, sexy erotic art with just a dash of humor, be sure to check out Benoît’s lusty drawings and illustrations as well as his insightful and informative blog on his site: site:

I encourage you to ask him how you can purchase his original artwork.  Because I am of the mind that no serious collector of erotic art should be without a Prévot or two; that is if ya ask me.

Ben and I discuss:

• How he got his start as an artist; as an erotic artist.
• Where he finds his models.
• The difference between erotic and pornographic.
• How he imbues his artistic creations with life.
• Eroticizing the un-erotic.
• Advice for the novice erotic artist

See a slideshow of some of Ben’s images.  Click on the thumbnails below.


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