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Love & Marriage…as kids see it


How about a spot of humor to kick off the weekend? And remember, Monday’s podcast will celebrate my 5th anniversary of podcasting! Be sure to tune in.



STOP SMOKING: Put this “Nic-O-Dick” in your mouth!

And now a spot of levity

to kick-start the weekend

Prostate Health PSA with Dave and Tom

Can’t Say “Penis”? Here’s 51 Church-Friendly Alternatives

Christwire’s Bryan Blake would like to share some Christian friendly synonyms for “penis” so you don’t go around sounding like a filthy liberal. His list contains euphemisms such as “DNA Rifle,” “Danish Dizzy Eye” and “Puking Flesh Weasel.” Wow. Ya gotta love them wacky Christians!


You talk about your fuckin’ cuckoo!

BIG BAD WOLF duck sauce from caviar on Vimeo.