Finding it difficult to get that big O? Here’s all you need to know about orgasmic disorder


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By Aishwarya Vaidya

During sexual activity, there is a feeling of intense sexual pleasure which is known as an orgasm but many women find it difficult to get it and hence don’t tend to enjoy the sexual activity. But, do you know that women who find it difficult to get an orgasm or there is a reduced intensity of sensations can suffer from an orgasmic disorder. A woman can fail to get an orgasm due to relationship problems, alcohol consumption, anxiety and pregnancy concerns. Here, we decode the female orgasmic disorder for you and tell you how to get the best orgasm.

Orgasmic disorder
Difficulty or inability for a woman to reach orgasm during sexual stimulation is known as an orgasmic disorder (female orgasmic disorder). Orgasm is either absent or significantly reduced in intensity on almost all or all occasions of sexual activity in women with the female orgasmic disorder. Though, this can affect their relationship and cause distress.

The causes

A woman can experience orgasm during masturbation than during sexual intercourse. Mental health, low sexual desires, marital difficulties, boredom and monotony. Hormonal disorders and even sexual health can get affected due to chronic illnesses which can also be some of the factors. Furthermore, the woman may be shy or embarrassed to ask about the stimulation which can work wonders. Lack of emotional bonding can also be the culprit.

Here are 5 ways to get the best orgasm

Use fantasies
To turn off your anxiety and get turned by coming up with a fantasy while masturbating or during sex. You need not worry if your fantasy doesn’t involve your partner with whom you are in the act. This can help you to get rid of your anxiety and you can get orgasm with ease.

Masturbate regularly
Orgasm issues related to a lack of awareness about what stimulation works best can result, as most of the women do not self-stimulate. Masturbating regularly can help you to get arouse and can regulate your hormones.

Relax yourself
Stress and anxiety can wreck your sex life. You can try yoga, meditation or take up any hobby of your choice to beat that stress. This will help you to increase your libido.

Your partner and you should work as a team here. It is all about you and your orgasm. So, you should also help yourself in this process. While your partner is penetrating, going down on, or fingering you, don’t hesitate from touching yourself and feel yourself. This can increase your arousal.

Observe what you like
To  get that big O, you should discover where you like to be touched and which are your erogenous zones.

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