More Sex EDGE-U-cation with Tonya Jone Miller — Podcast #371 — 04/10/13


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Hey sex fans, welcome back.Tonya

Phone sex performer, educator and sex-positive activist, Tonya Jone Miller, returns today with more of her signature Sex EDGE-U-cation. Considering the amazing response last week’s show got, I know you are as jazzed about her return as I am.

But wait, you didn’t miss Part 1 of this chat, did you? Well not to worry if ya did, because you can find it and all my podcasts in the Podcast Archive right here on my site.. All ya gotta do is use the search function in the header; type in Podcast #370 and Voilà! But don’t forget the #sign when you do your search.

Tonya and I discuss:

  • Stereotypical misconceptions about sex workers;
  • Tits & Sass;
  • Why most sex workers do sex work;
  • Everyone knows;
  • Never having to apologize;
  • What comes of a life denied;
  • The impact of her work on her intimate relationships;
  • How she prepares herself for work;
  • The woman who most inspires her;
  • Her sexual heroes.

You’ll find more about Tonya on her website HERE! Her FetLife page HERE! On her Facebook page HERE! And, by all means, do not miss her Twitter feed HERE!

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