More Sex EDGE-U-cation with Gina Hunting — Podcast #367 — 03/13/13


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Hey sex fans, welcome back.

The remarkably talented, the oh so edgy and the deliciously pervy Gina Hunting is back for more of her signature Sex EDGE-U-cation. And I can hardly wait!IMG_6713

But wait, you didn’t miss Part 1 of this conversation, did you? Well not to worry if ya did, because you can find it and all my podcasts in the Podcast Archive right here on my site. All ya gotta do is use the search function in the header; type in Podcast #366 and PRESTO! But don’t forget the #sign when you do your search.

Gina and I discuss:

  • Blood, Sweat and Queers;
  • The importance of queer space;
  • Women only space;
  • (cat)Fight Club and BOUND;
  • The Women in Kink Conference;
  • Transwomen and cis-women;
  • People of color;
  • Her lifestyle presentations and workshops;
  • The leather community and the BDSM community;
  • Primal play;
  • Dom/sub and Top/bottom;
  • Her inspirations and her sexual heroes.


You’ll find more about Gina on her on FetLife page HERE! On her Facebook page HERE! And be sure to check out her upcoming program, Women In Kink, HERE!


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