The Erotic Mind of David Peterman — Podcast #311 — 11/28/11


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Hey sex fans, welcome back.

Today I have the honor of introducing you to an exquisite photographer from right here in the Emerald City. Join us as we scrutinize The Erotic Mind of David Peterman.

Despite David’s protestations that he is not an erotic photographer, I think you’ll agree with me, all his other friends as well as the juries at the annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival that he is a master of his craft.

Ok, so David’s photography isn’t erotic in the conventional sense of that word. In fact, there is a whimsy and playfulness in his work that often flies in the face of what most of us might consider erotica. But to my mind, this is precisely what makes his work so satisfying, delightful and intriguing. He unabashedly celebrates the human form in a most extraordinary and riveting way.

David and I discuss:

For more of David, his amazing work and vision, I encourage you to visit his website HERE. And there, you will find a link to his insightful blog. Also look for him Twitter HERE.


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