The Erotic Mind of Michael Derry — Podcast #302 — 10/03/11


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Hey sex fans, welcome back!

Do you realize it’s been nearly two months since we’ve had an episode of The Erotic Mind series? Well it has been that long and frankly I’m over here experiencing some withdrawal symptoms and it ain’t pretty. Luckily I have only a few more moments to wait for my next fix, because I have the pleasure of welcoming an internationally renowned artist, illustrator and cartoonist to the show.

Let’s mozie on down to West Hollywood, CA, shall we, and look in on Michael Derry where he is busy creating the latest installment of his beloved Troy comic series.

Michael and I discuss:

  • Drawing the Troy cartoon since 1998;
  • Love, sex, politics, religion and killer abs;
  • The 5 books of his earlier strips;
  • Trials and tribulations of syndication;
  • His strips being playfully erotic;
  • The autobiographical nature of Troy;
  • The animated Troy Movie;
  • DerryProducts
  • His skill set — Illustration, Design, Animation and Voice Over.

For more of Michael and his ‘toon Troy visit him on his site HERE! For all of Michael’s other artistic endeavors see his other site HERE! Find him on Facebook and Twitter  HERE and HERE!

(Click on the thumbnails below for a slideshow of some of Michael’s amazing work.)


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