The Erotic Mind of Mike’s Bliss — Podcast #294 — 08/01/11


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Hey sex fans,

We travel to London England today for another amazing podcast in The Erotic Mind series. I have the pleasure of welcoming an internationally renowned artist with a signature style. My guest is none other than the man who goes by the name, Mike’s Bliss.

I’m gonna guess that if you know anything about gay erotic art, you will already recognize Mike’s work. I’ve seen his images around for years, but it was only recently that a mutual friend of ours, William Maltese, a renowned artist in his own right, turned me on to Mike himself. And I am enormously grateful for the introduction, because now I have the privilege of introducing Mike to you.

Mike and I discuss:

  • His early Life;
  • Nor formal art training;
  • His artistic “vocation”;
  • His nom de plume;
  • His relationship with his parents;
  • His artistic temperament;
  • A gay-bashing that triggered his erotic work;
  • Artist? Illustrator? Or both?
  • Words and images and their cathartic nature;
  • His chosen media;
  • His graphic novel, GodMaker: Vampires of London;
  • His erotic religious imagery;
  • His images of cultural icons.

For more of Mike, be sure to visit him on his site HERE!  Buy his book HERE!
And find him on Facebook HERE!

(Click on the thumbnails below for a slideshow of some of Mike’s beautiful work.)


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2 Replies to “The Erotic Mind of Mike’s Bliss — Podcast #294 — 08/01/11”

  1. Ahhhh, “Mikesbliss”! What a charmer! Handsome. Dimpled. Amusing. And so-so talented. Okay, Dr. Dick isn’t all that bad, either! Can’t wait for the second part of this interview next week!

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