More Sex EDGE-U-cation with John Smith — Podcast #292 – 07/20/11


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Hey sex fans, welcome back!

Acclaimed author and British kinkster extraordinaire, John Smith is back today with more of his signature Sex EDGE-U-cation. John, as you will recall, is the author of Kink and the City (An Englishman in New York). His infectious humor was so delightful last week that I was thrilled he could come back and knock us dead again this week.

And to gilt the lily, so to speak, John will read a hilarious selection from his book. You do not want to miss this, sex fans!

But wait, you did have a chance to listen to Part 1 of our chat, didn’t you? Well not to worry if ya didn’t, because you can find it and all my podcasts in the Podcast Archive right here on my site. All ya gotta do is use the search function in the header; type in Podcast #290 and Voilà! But don’t forget the #sign when you do your search.

John and I discuss:

  • Arriving in NYC and rediscovering his kinky roots;
  • A budding kinkster at 8 years old;
  • Discovering spanking magazines at 12 years old;
  • Every schoolboy’s wet dream;
  • The movie Personal Services;
  • Good kink is like fine wine;
  • The fear factor;
  • Being a switch;
  • The “high” associated with being a top and being a bottom;
  • Sub-space and top-space;
  • Submitting and being submissive;
  • Learning kink behavior from porn;
  • What the future holds.

Be sure to pick up a copy of John’s book HERE!


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