The Erotic Mind of Polly Frost — Podcast #235 — 10/04/10


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Hey sex fans,

I have an outstanding show in store for you today. I have the pleasure of introducing you to an extremely talented woman. She is an essayist, prolific author and a marvelous conversationalist. She has a sensational sense of humor and an immense erotic mind worthy of our investigation. I am delighted to welcome the one and only, Polly Frost.

Devoted fans of The New Yorker and The Atlantic will, no doubt, be familiar with Polly and her wicked wit, but that’s not all. You can find her signature work pert near everywhere, don’t cha know. She is in print, on CD as well as online.

Polly joins me as part of this The Erotic Mind series, which features interviews with noted erotic artists, both visual and literary, from all over the world. I am chatting with these ingenious people in hopes of uncovering something of the creative process involved with this specialized art form. And let me tell you; Polly dazzles in this regard.

Polly and I discuss:

  • Our mutual friend, Jeremy Edwards;
  • Writing under her real name;
  • Who is the comedic genius, Poly Frost;
  • Writing about sex in America;
  • Being married to her collaborator, Ray Sawhill;
  • Her story collection: Deep Inside;
  • Live erotic readings of Sex Scenes;
  • How spoken word erotica is different from erotica found in books;
  • Reshaping material with audience feedback.

As a special treat, Polly will share with us a mouth-watering selection of the fruit of her Erotic Mind. And here’s a tip, if you like your sci-fi with a big helping of delicious sex, you’re gonna love today’s reading.

For more of Polly, be sure to visit her site HERE!

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4 Replies to “The Erotic Mind of Polly Frost — Podcast #235 — 10/04/10”

  1. Thank you very much for conducting this outstanding interview. Your show is absolutely fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the segment thanks to your interviewing skills. It was very entertaining and informative. I look forward to part two.

    What I take away from the show is that Polly Frost has a maverick approach to erotic fiction. You’ve showcased a gifted artist who works on the cutting edge. She is a leader creating a new and approachable way to appreciate sex in the arts. Her avant garde spirit is part of a sexual revolution in the arts that’s less aggressive and more democratic, and naturally welcomes a larger audience by it’s sheer appeal.

    As an independent filmmaker I appreciate Polly Frost’s take on her own work and the view she has on society. She is serious about her work but does not take herself too seriously. She is broad minded. I especially like the transmedia nature of her approach. Her creative talent is expressed in a variety of platforms: writing, film and public performance, etc. This highly adaptable nature and her whole-hearted embrace of digital media makes me a big fan.

    Great show and looking forward to more. Thank you.

  2. Polly is an amazing talent. Funny, bright, erotic, talented and fundamentally a great person on top of it all. I was fortunate enough to perform a live read of some of her terrific works in front of a live audience. It was an experience I will always remember as one of my most fun! The great stuff just keeps on coming, Polly!

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