More Sex Wisdom with Joan Price – Podcast #234 – 09/29/10


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Hey sex fans,

Joan Price, ageless sexuality advocate and all round wonderful person, is back with us today for Part 2 of her appearance on this show. She delights us, enriches us and makes us laugh while dispensing her signature SEX WISDOM. I am so glad to have so much of Joan, not just because she is such a joy, but because she is willing to break open a conversation that too many of us tend to avoid — the conversation about sex and aging.

If you are just joining us and somehow missed Part 1 of our conversation that appeared here at this time last week; don’t worry. You can find it and all my podcasts in the Podcast Archive right here on my site. Look for the search function in the header, type in Podcast #232 and PRESTO! But don’t forget the #sign when you do your search.

Joan and I discuss:

  • Her workshop: Straight Talk About Sex Over 60;
  • Uncovering our sexual stepping-stones;
  • Menopause;
  • The wisdom of scheduling love dates;
  • Sex after a major health event;
  • Her workshop: Ask Me, I’ll Tell You;
  • Exercise and sex;
  • Her sex toy reviews

Joan invites you to visit her professional website HERE! And look for her blog HERE!

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