Laura May Returns — Podcast #219 — 07/19/10


Hey sex fans,

The woman with the voice like liquid sex, Laura May, joins us for Part 2 of our chat for this The Erotic Mind podcast series. As you recall from last week, our guest brings her erotica to us in a very unique form — as an audio diary. Laura May and I have such a good time together, why it’s almost sinful.

But wait, you didn’t miss Part 1 of our conversation that appeared here at this time last week, did you? Well not to worry if ya did, because you can find it and all my podcasts in the Podcast Archive here on my site. All ya gotta do is use the site’s search function in the sidebar to your right; type in Podcast #218 and PRESTO! But don’t forget the #sign when you do your search.

And I am happy to report that Laura May will share another sizzlin’ selection of the fruit of her Erotic Mind. I tell ya folks, if her story doesn’t get you, her reading it aloud will!

Laura May and I discuss:
Keeping Laura May secret.
The creative process — her journal.
The differences between erotic art and porn.
The song she wrote for the show.
Her audience and the feedback she gets.
Getting warmed up to write and record.
Being enriched and empowered by reading, writing and speaking erotica.
The benefits of reading aloud.
Eroticizing the unerotic.
Advice for the aspiring erotic author.

Laura May invites you to enter her world HERE! And she’s also on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and iTunes.


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