The Erotic Mind of Boots Bryant – Podcast #210 – 06/07/10


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Hey sex fans,

We continue our special Pride Month guest star extravaganza today. I have the distinct pleasure of welcoming a true original in the world of erotic photography, Kevin Johnson, aka Boots Bryant.

Boots is here as part of The Erotic Mind podcast series. In our conversations with noted erotic artists we’ve uncovered quite a bit about the creative process involved in this specialized art form. We’ve visited with numerous artists who create their art in a variety of media. We’ve discovered that the term “erotic art” covers a vast array of visual and literary expressions; some very graphic, others are subtlety suggestive. But all reflect the irrepressible spirit of the human sexual experience.

Boots is first and foremost a photographer, but he is also an erotic author. He shoots mainstream fashion stuff as well as his edgier stuff. But whatever he shoots you can be sure that it will pulse with enormous sexual energy. His photography can be both exquisitely beautiful and stunningly disturbing. And often his images are both of these things at the same time.

Boots and I discuss:

  • His nom de smut — Boots Bryant
  • The Mask Series.
  • His commissioned gigs.
  • The three new series he’s working on.
  • His unsettling early life.
  • Taking up photography as a kid.
  • How he began to shoot nudes.
  • Finding his models.
  • His music hobby.

Look for Boots in all of this erotic glory on his website HERE! Or on his Facebook fan page HERE!

See a slideshow of some Boots’ stunning images below.


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