Sex EDGE-U-cation with Clayton Hibbert — Podcast #199 – 04/14/10


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Hey sex fans,

I have another ridiculously wonderful program for you today. And it’s one of them twofer shows, don’t cha know. My guest, our conversation and the theme of this podcast easily falls into both the Sex EDGE-U-cation and The Erotic Mind series. I mean, who doesn’t like to get two bangs for his buck?

I have the honor of welcoming a man of distinction here in the Emerald City, I have here with me the oh so talented Clayton Hibbert. He is the Artistic Director for the upcoming Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

Despite the fact that this world-class event is only days away and the demands on his time are exceptionally pressing; he agreed to sit down with me to discuss the festival, how it works, the gargantuan behind the scenes effort to mount a three-day extravaganza like this and what visitors to the festival can expect this year.

Clayton and I discuss:

Clayton invites you to visit the Seattle Erotic Art Festival website HERE!

See a slideshow of some highlights from past festivals.


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