The Erotic Mind of Rob Rosen — Podcast #180 — 01/18/10


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Hey sex fans,

Boy, do I have a delightful show in store for you today!  We continue The Erotic Mind series by chatting with an enormously prolific author of just about every kind of erotica out there.  I am pleased to welcome, the oh so charming, Rob Rosen.

Rob is the author of two critically acclaimed novels, Sparkle: The Queerest Book You’ll Ever Love and Divas Las Vegas.  His short stories have appeared in more than 80 anthologies. And his erotic fiction can be found in the pages of several magazines.  When does this man find time to sleep; that’s what I want to know!

Rob will also read from his recently published novel; so you’ll not want to miss that.

Rob and I discuss:

  • His inexhaustible talent for writing.
  • How lots of gay erotica is written by straight women.
  • Being an avid reader of gay fiction as a young man.
  • How he got his start as a writer.
  • Being “discovered” as an erotic author.
  • His love for writing romance fiction.
  • The joy of one-handed fiction.

For more of Rob, be sure to visit him on his website HERE! or his Facebook page HERE!

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