Sophie Hirschfeld, Part 2 – Podcast #160 – 10/14/09


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Hey sex fans,

We’re back with more mighty fine Sex EDGE-U-cation with my special guest, the etqet34aspxwatermarkedbeautiful, talented and oh so smart, Sophie Hirschfeld.  As we learned last week, she is a plus-sized model, stripper, camgirl, phone sex actress and writer.  And in this, Part 2, of our conversation, we continue our chat about her career as a sex worker, activist and educator.

You didn’t miss last week’s show did you?  Shame on you if you did!  But don’t get too down on yourself, because Part 1 of our chat is archived right there on my site.  Simply use my site’s search function to your right.  Type in Podcast #158 and presto!  But hey, don’t forget to use the #sign when you search.

Sophie and I discuss:

  • Sex work and her intimate relationships
  • Components of sex work that don’t involve sex.
  • Sex work, part of the service industry.
  • Fantasy and role-play.
  • Sex work, a double-edged sword — empowering yet demanding.
  • Current economic conditions add to sex worker rolls.
  • How some women justify their sex work.
  • Lesbian-for-pay cam chicks.
  • Her encounters with the pizza boy!
  • What the general public can learn from sex workers.

You’re also gonna want to visit Sophie at her fabulous website HERE!


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