Howard Cruse Returns — Podcast #157 — 10/05/09


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Hey sex fans,

It’s National Coming Out Week, ya’ll!  And to celebrate I welcome back that genius of the howardcruse1comix world, Howard Cruse.  He’s here to finish the chat we began last Monday, as part of The Erotic Mind
podcast series, don’t cha know.

Howard is a national treasure; his unique historical perspective on the comix art form, one that spans from the rise of the underground comics movement in the 1960’s right through to today, is both exciting and thought provoking.

Is it possible that you missed Part 1 of this conversation?  Lucky for you, it resides in my podcast archive.  To find it, use my site’s search function in the sidebar to your right.  All you do is type in Podcast #156 and PRESTO!  But don’t forget to include the #sign when you search.

Howard and I discuss:

  • His professional coming out story.
  • The birth of Gay Comix and his editorship.
  • The history of underground comics.
  • His life with Ed, his partner of 30 years.
  • Why he wanted to do the graphic novel.
  • Remembrances of pre-Stonewall gay culture in Birmingham, AB

Be sure to check out the amazing world of Howard Cruse, including his personal blog, on his site HERE.

See a slideshow of some of Howard’s work.  Click on the thumbnails below.


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