Craig Sorensen Returns — Podcast #143 — 08/10/09


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Hey sex fans,

I‘m back with Craig Sorensen today.  And we’re plumbing the depths of his immense Working Dog C Sorensenerotic imagination in this series of podcasts called The Erotic Mind.

Craig and I both received such swell feedback on the first part of our interview.  So we both want to thank ya’ll for that.  But wait; did some of you miss Part 1?  When you snooze you loose folks!  Ok not to worry, because you can find that podcast by using the search function to your right.  Simply type in Podcast #141, and don’t forget the # sign.

For more of Craig, be sure to visit him on his blog HERE!

Craig and I discuss:

  • How reading and writing erotica has enriched his life.
  • Erotica; porn for the people!
  • Writing both erotica and non-erotic work.
    The topics he gravitates toward, those he avoids.
  • Writing in different genres.
    What he looks for in the erotic art of others.
  • His advice for novice writers of erotica.

This week Craig will also treat us to two delicious pieces of the fruit of his Erotic Mind.  You won’t want miss these, people!

mammoth 8 cover mammoth kama sutra Mile High Cover peep show tasting her cover tasting him cover

(click on the thumbnails to get more information about these volumes)


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