René Capone Returns — Podcast #134 — 06/29/09


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Hey sex fans,

Today we conclude our special Pride month podcast presentation where I’ve been featuring therene_letters brilliant work and thoughtful reflection of two renowned gay visual artists.  This has been part of The Erotic Mind series, don’t cha know.  We conclude with Part 2 of my chat with the delightful and talented René Capone.

If you somehow missed Part 1 of this discussion look for last week’s podcast #132 on my Podcast Page.  You’ll find a tab for that page at the top of this page.  Or you can use my site’s search function.  Just type in Podcast #132 and don’t forget the # sign.

René and I discuss:

  • His nontraditional erotic fiction
  • Having his artwork discounted or overlooked because if its content.
  • The rigors of self-promotion.
  • The connection between his erotica and his sexuality.
  • Eroticizing the unerotic.
  • What he looks for in the erotic art of others.
  • His advice for aspiring erotic artists.

Be sure to check out René and his memorable artwork on his site HERE.

See a slideshow of some of René‘s work.  Click on the thumbnails below.


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