The Erotic Mind of René Capone — Podcast #132 — 06/22/09


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Hey sex fans,

Judging from the comments pouring in from all over, I guess ya’ll are really enjoying these rene_facespecial pride month podcasts, huh?  The last two weeks I featured the brilliant work of Mike. from MikeMen.  Today and next week we have as our guest a gay visual artist of a completely different stripe.  As you know, these podcasts are part of The Erotic Mind
series.  We converse with noted erotic artists from all over the world in an effort to try to uncover something of the creative process involved in this specialized art form.

Today I have the honor of introducing you to a friend, someone I’ve known for several years.  He is charming, funny and oh so talented.  He is René Capone.

René is both an artist and a storyteller.  In fact, I think he’s best described as an artist-storyteller.  He imbues his creations, both lifelike and fantasy, with something of his own nature and life experience.  He says it’s the job as an artist to explore the fundamental emotions of life; love, hate, jealousy, fear, anger and passion.  And he does his job with a childlike simplicity, which is absolutely remarkable.

René’s work is a refreshing departure from the more explicit work of some of the other artists I’ve featured in this series.  But as we’ll find out from René himself, eroticism has many dimensions.  If art is truthful, he says, it will also be erotic.

René and I discuss:

  • The therapeutic nature of his art.
  • His graphic novel, Hedgehog Boy.
  • How he got his start as an artist, as an erotic artist.
  • The distinction, if any, between an artist and an illustrator.
  • The distinction, if any, between erotica and pornography.

Discover René and his memorable artwork on his site HERE.

See a slideshow of some of René‘s work.  Click on the thumbnails below.


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