Charlie Glickman, Part 2 — Podcast #118 — 04/29/09


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Hey sex fans,

We’re back with my guest, the renowned sex educator, Dr. Charlie Glickman. This is img_3397Part 2 our chat in this podcast series called Sex EDGE-U-cation.   As you know, this series is all about the world of fetish sex, kink and alternative sexual lifestyles.

If you somehow missed Part 1 of our conversation, look for last week’s podcast, #116 on the PODCAST PAGE.  There’s a tab at the top of this page.  Or simply use the search function to your right.  Type in podcast #116; don’t forget to include the # sign.

As you probably remember from last week, Charlie is the Education Program Manager at Good Vibrations.

Charley is the Education Program Manager at Good Vibrations.  He runs their in-store, their After Hours Workshop Program and trains their Sex Educator-Sales Associates.  He also has his very own Blog, don’t cha know.

Charlie and I discuss:

  • Training Good Vibration Sex Educator-Sales Associates.
  • Good Vibrations University.
  • Good Vibrations’ After Hours Workshop Program.
  • Good Vibrations’ Off Site Sex Education Program.
  • His private practice.
  • How to search for sex-positive and kink-positive healing and helping professionals.



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