The Erotic Mind of Dale Lazarov — Podcast #115 — 04/20/09


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Hey sex fans,

Today, I have yet another installment in my series of interviews called The Erotic Mind.  My guest is Dale Lazarov.  He chats with us in conjunction with his upcoming appearance at the internationally renowned Seattle Erotic Art’s Festival.


Dale is an erotic author and editor who works with an array of very talented graphic artists.  Together they produce an acclaimed line of gay oriented sexually explicit comics. Their collaborations, published by the distinguished German publisher, Bruno Gmuender, result in a celebration of joyful and playful lust. In fact, the comics are so well done; they convey their storyline without using any words.  No mean feat that, I can tell ya!

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(click on the thumbnails to get more information about these volumes)

If you are like me, and love smart, sexy erotic art with a wry sense of humor, be sure to check out Dale and his collaborator’s work on their publisher’s site HERE!

Dale and I discuss:

  • The workshop he will be leading at Seattle Erotic Art’s Festival.
  • What his role as writer/editor entails, and how he works with his illustrators.
  • How he imbues his sexy creations with a sense of the playful.
  • The basic rules of the comic narrative.
  • The beauty of wordless comics.

See a slideshow of some of Amy Colburn’s charming images.  Click on the thumbnails below.

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