James Lear Returns — Podcast #104 — 03/02/09


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Hey sex fans,

We’re back with that exceptional erotic author and novelist, the one and only James Lear.  This is img_1863Part 2 my of my chat with James in this podcast series called The Erotic Mind.  As you know, we’ve been chatting with erotic artists of every stripe in the hope of uncovering something of the creative process involved with this specialized art form.

If you somehow missed Part 1 of this delightful yet provocative discussion look for last week’s podcast, #102 on Dr Dick’s PODCAST PAGE at the top of the page.  Or use the search function; just type in podcast #102.  Don’t forget to include the # sign.

James will share with us a juicy passage from his best-selling novel, The Palace of Varieties.  I am currently deep into reading this brilliantly smutty work myself.  And I have James and his generous publisher, Cleis Press, to thank for that, don’t cha know.

Be sure to visit James at his MySpace page HERE!

Or his alter ego, Rupert Smith, HERE!

James and I discuss:

  • What the difference might be between erotica and porn.
  • What makes good lit, erotic or otherwise.
  • Writing an erotic novel.
  • Celebrating sexuality in his writing.
  • Humor in erotica; like yeast in bread.
  • Avoiding the formulaic.
  • His sexual heroes.

And like I said, James serves up a juicy bit of his own erotica.

book_image-4 book_image

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