Mina Bast Returns – Podcast #96 – 01/26/09

Hey sex fans,

Today I bring you Part 2 of my conversation with Mina Bast.  She joins us again this week to finish the conversation we began last week.  As you know, this is part of my series of interviews called The Erotic Mind.


If you somehow missed Part 1 of this charming and informative discussion look for last week’s podcast, #95 in the PODCAST CATEGORY in the sidebar.

Mina and I discuss:

  • Her chosen media.
  • The motivation behind her work.
  • Technical proficiency and artistic passion.
  • Searching for kindred spirits.
  • Eroticizing the un-erotic.
  • Future projects.
  • Her advice for the aspiring erotic artist.

And don’t forget to visit Mina’s site HERE:

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Today’s Podcast is bought to you by:  The Right Position Erotic Boutique.


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