Michael Breyette, Part 2 — Podcast #89 — 11/24/08


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Hey sex fans,

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the good old US of A.  My best wishes to all who celebrate this Thursday.  Despite the difficult times we face as a country, we at least have lots of other stuff to be thankful for this year.  Happy Turkey Day Ya’ll!

Today I bring you Part 2 of my conversation with Michael Breyette.  He joins usbiowebpic.jpg again this week to finish the conversation we began last week.  As you know, this is part of my ongoing series of interviews called The Erotic Mind.

If you somehow missed Part 1 of this charming and informative discussion look for last week’s podcast, #88 in the podcast archive in the sidebar to your right.

Michael and I discuss:

  • His chosen media.
  • His 1000 Words Project.
  • Erotica and Sexuality.
  • His inspirations and sexual heroes.
  • Future projects.
  • His advice for an aspiring erotic artist.

And don’t forget to visit Michael’s site at:  studio1088.com


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  1. Great podcast – such a treat to hear Michael’s voice and talking about his art, it makes all the difference in my opinion, enriches the experience of visiting his work. Great questions, too, the interview drew out both information and his charm. Thanks!

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