Jeremy Edwards, Part 2 — Podcast #87 — 11/10/08

Hey sex fans,

Today, we have Part 2 of my chat with the brilliant erotic author, Jeremy jeremy.jpgEdwards.  He joins us again this week to finish the conversation we began last week.  As you recall, this is part of my new series of interviews called The Erotic Mind.

If you somehow missed part one of this charming and informative discussion look for last week’s podcast — #86 in the podcast archive on the sidebar to your right.

Be sure to look for Jeremy’s blog HERE!

Jeremy and I discuss:

  • His writing style and how he nurtures his career.
  • His ability to spin libido into literature.
  • Who inspires him and who are his sexual heroes.
  • His advice for aspiring writers.

Jeremy also serves up yet another luscious morsel of his own steamy erotica.


(click on the thumbnails to get more information about these volumes)


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