Robert Black, Part 1 — Podcast #58 — 04/07/08


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This week we’re back to our interview format. And I am pleased to bring you Part 1 of my interview with the award winning performer, and ten-year veteran of gay porn, Robert Black. He is a virtual renaissance man, which you will soon discover for yourself.

Besides his numerous roles in gay porn, Robert, is the powerhouse behind and His sites offer you a birds-eye view of this amazing man and his many activities. Be sure to check out his blog, his tee-shirt store, his workshops, his bodywork and his videography. And don’t forget to tell him dr dick sent you!

Today Robert talks about:

  • How he got his start in porn
  • Sage advice for the aspiring porn pup
  • Bareback porn
  • His live in BDSM
  • What turns him on
  • His Massage/Bodywork practice


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One Reply to “Robert Black, Part 1 — Podcast #58 — 04/07/08”

  1. Hi Dr. Dick:

    Just a brief message to say I enjoyed your interview with Robert Black, and I’m looking forward to Part 2. Thank you for putting it together, and please also thank Robert for his participation!

    I don’t know if it’s too late to post a question/comment for you and Robert on the subject of discrimination towards the Leather community, but I note that in Part 1 Robert commented about hate messages he’s received from individuals, and thought I’d bring to your attention a Discrimination Survey of the BDSM/Leather/Fetish communities that’s currently being conducted. Anyone having experienced this type of discrimination is welcome to take the survey.

    The individuals doing the survey are particularly interested in identifying and documenting the ways in which individuals in these communities experience discrimination, harassment or even acts of violence, perpetrated against them as a result of association with alternative sexual practices. To quote from the website: “Because these communities have had so little research attention from either the academic or the commercial research fields, the survey is also an attempt to gather some basic demographic information about the BDSM/Leather/Fetish communities.” The survey is found at:

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