Sex Advice With An Edge — Podcast #08 — 04/02/07


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Hey sex fans,

This week we have a plethora of problems for the podcast —

  • Andrew dribbles but does not shoot.
  • Jane is juicy wet, but not so hot! And what’s her BF doin’ back there?
  • Samuel is a selfish fuck!
  • Steve was traumatized by his old man, and now look what’s happening.
  • Tammy is a kinky perv, but she don’t know that yet.


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Today’s Podcast is brought to you by: The American College of Sexologists.



One Reply to “Sex Advice With An Edge — Podcast #08 — 04/02/07”

  1. Dear Dr. Dick,
    Thank you for replying to my request for advice. I know that I have to see a sex therapist but being young and a full-time student (and with San Francisco rental rates) I don’t feel like I have enough time or money. I guess that’s a bad excuse, because I know that my sex life is important, but when I look at my schedule and budget it really is true. I’m pretty much resolved to starting therapy once I’ve graduated (in 2008). I know it’s a pale substitute, but do you or any of you [knowledgeable] listeners have any suggestions for books that I might read that would be helpful for my problem.
    Thank you, Steve.

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